Situated seven miles north of the village of Cooperstown, the modern-day history of this beautiful lakefront property dates back to the 1930s when Spurney’s Cottages offered simple accommodations to vacationers on the western shore of Otsego Lake.

Recent archeological excavations reveal Native American Indians gathered on the shore 2,000 to 3,000 years ago and, using materials found on site, set about crafting hunting projectile points and tools. The arrowheads left behind are evidence of the “lithic workshop” established here several millennia ago.



It was in this same rough, hilly, provincial American frontier that James Fenimore Cooper’s boyhood love for nature and the wilderness was nurtured, culminating in his creation of the noble Indian scout Leatherstocking – (a.k.a Deerslayer/Natty Bumppo/Hawkeye/Pathfinder) – the novelist’s rugged, lone hero and the nation’s first great fictional character who, with his Indian friend Chingachgook, roamed the woods and waterways of Otsego. In homage to the real-life Native American ancestors of Cooper’s fictionalized characters who first frequented this site, this land is now known as ArrowHead Pointe.

Respectful of The Glimmerglass Historic District and the sensitive Lake environment in which it lies, ArrowHead Pointe seamlessly blends architecturally unique and exceptional Douglas fir/cedar log homes with cutting-edge land-use techniques to protect the Lake. The result is an unrivaled lakeside enclave of just 7 luxurious residences.